9201EW Thermostatic Mixing Valve



Model 9201EW (patent pending) is a thermostatic mixing valve that mixes hot and cold water to supply tempered water to a single emergency eye/face wash fixture requiring flow up to 10 gpm (37.8 L). Unit employs a paraffin filled thermostatic mixing element. Cold Water Bypass flow rate of 3.8 gpm (14.4 L). The improved brass design with supplied check valves, over-sized valve seats, and a funnel design to improve temperature control with better mixing at low flow rates. Lime and calcium resistant components are used throughout. The outlet temperature factory setting is 85° F (29° C). Maximum operating pressure: 125 psi (8.62 Bar). Temperature adjustment range 60 - 90° F (16 - 32° C). Min/max inlet hot water temperature: 120°/180° F (49°/82° C), with recommended inlet temperature: 140° F (60° C). Min/max inlet cold water temperature: 40°/65° (4.4°/18.3° C). Inlets and outlet: 1/2" NPT(F).

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