H1011.8 Barrier-Free Chilled Dual Wall-Mount Fountain



ADA Chilled Vandal-Resistant Wall-Mount Fountain

Model H1011.8 barrier-free vandal-resistant electric water cooler provides 8 gph (30.3 L) chilled water performance in an engineered stainless steel skin. This wall-mounted swirl bowl designed fountain offers the only all stainless-steel valve body that is machined out of solid bar stock, is fully serviceable through the front of the push button assembly offering access to the water control cartridge and integral water supply strainer, and has front access to the water stream height adjustment for easy maintenance without having to remove the valve. Outfitted with such protective features as vandal-resistant bubbler heads, waste strainer, and bottom plates, these electric water coolers are quick to discourage vandals.

  • 18-gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel bowl assembly mounted on a 14-gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel wall bracket
  • Vandal resistant components include the bubblers, bowls, buttons, drains and bottom plates
  • 100% lead-free waterways
  • "Hi-lo" design allows for twice the users as regular fountains and suits the needs for various user heights
  • Grille slots are designed to eliminate sharp edges and are backed with a foam filter to protect the fan motor and high displacement compressor from debris
  • Easy maintenance with front access to valve adjustment and cartridge replacement
  • Designed to run at a low energy usage, this water cooler and fountain are assured to have a long-lasting life
  • Laminar flow prevents splashing, keeping the drinking area contained and clean
  • Beautiful satin finish resists stains and corrosion

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