Eye Wash Sink Station With AXION Eye/Face Wash

Size: 24" | Model 7660


Eye Wash Sink Station Availalable Now!

A wall-mounted barrier-free emergency eye wash sink station equipped with a motion-activated goose-neck faucet. 14 Gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel sink and wall supports incorporate a durable satin finish, and a removable front panel for access to the plumbing. Hand-wash motion-activated faucet provides 1.2 gpm of laminar flow, includes a separate 0.5 gpm laminar flow nozzle when low flow is required, and is powered via 110VAC wall power or battery power. Included is the Haws AXION MSR pulldown eye/face wash which features an inverted directional laminar flow and achieves Zero Vertical Velocity™, supplied by an integral 3.7 gpm flow control and yellow pop-off dust cover. An ASSE 1071-certified adjustable thermostatic mixing valve tempers the hot and cold water inlets, supplying both the faucet and the eye/face wash to ensure user comfort and ANSI compliance. 1-1/2" male NPT integral drain with 1-1/2" tailpiece and trap are included.

Included on the Emergency Eye Wash Sink:

  • Universal eyewash sign and operation label, 
  • Full-sized rough-in template for easy installation

Download Eye Wash Sink Station Technical Documents

Mounting Bracket Sold Here



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